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wilykitsune's Journal

Being the perennial Gemini, I have a split personality. This blog is dedicated to my right personality.

My right personality: Dog-loving, workaholic, socially deprived, Apple (the 'puter, you fools) and Mozilla (gotta love the Firefox and open source) addicted geek with a fascination for Martial Arts, sci-fi, horror, fantasy and Monty Python. Loves Captain Picard and Donnie Yen. Reads Chuck Palahniuk.Watches C-SPAN and reads political blogs like no tomorrow. Comics: Definitely anything by Umezu Kazuo and CRUMB. Healthy life habits overall with a tendency towards dark, leafy greens. Cooks and bakes at home. Burns incense. Lives is sweats and footies. Cotton rules. Hair: Ponytails and buns. Makeup: lip balm and sunscreen. Composts. Gardens. Mean, green, tree-hugging machine.